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Your personal money coach

Think of us as your own automated bank manager, monitoring your finances in the background, and setting you on a path to improvement.
Get one view of all your accounts
All your accounts in one place

View your credit cards, bank accounts and savings accounts all in one app.

Know what you can safely spend each week
Know what you can safely spend

See what bills are ahead and what you can safely spend each week to stay on track.

Stop guessing, start improving
Pay off your credit cards

See whether you can pay off your debt faster with a consolidation loan.

How Pariti works

Connect your accounts
Connect your accounts
Securely connect your bank accounts and credit cards to get a single view of where you currently stand.
Set yourself a spending goal
Set yourself a spending goal
Understand what you can afford to spend each week and set a target for improvement.
Future financial predictions
Get a personalised loan quote
Discover whether you can reduce your debt costs without affecting your credit score.
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Our mission

...to help you improve your finances, pay off your debt, and take back control!

We're a team of experienced entrepreneurs, engineers and designers passionate about building a fairer type of finance company, and we want you to be part of it!

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