Switching your multiple debts to just one loan

  • Take control with one payment
  • Get a target debt-free date
  • Quick and easy application
  • Individually priced quote
  • If you’ve borrowed money from multiple lenders, switching to one low interest loan might help you to budget and take control of your finances. It could also save you money in interest and fees.

    Pariti works with different low interest lenders. Getting a quote won’t hurt your credit score and is quick and easy via our iOS app (Android coming soon!)

    How does it work?

    You apply for a quote in the Pariti app. If you’re successful you’ll be able to select the best deal from one of our partner lenders. Once the money appears in your account you’ll need to pay off all your existing debts so that you only have your one loan repayment to meet each month. You have the right to repay your loan early, in part or in full, at anytime.

    What are the risks?

    It's important to ensure you fully compare any loan quotes via Pariti against your existing debts. Consolidating your debts could result in a higher rate of interest, monthly payment or overall repayment duration.

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