We are

We're here to improve the nation's financial health

Money complexities and lack of financial resilience are stressing us out and restricting our life choices. Our health, relationships, job prospects and ambitions are all being affected.

Pariti was founded to change this...

What we stand for



We think the first step to taking control is knowing where you stand. We do everything we can to make finances simple, clear and easy to manage.



Sometimes life goes up and down. We help you see what bills are coming up and whether you're expected to fall short before it happens.



Our mission is to help you improve your finances. Whilst sometimes this might mean borrowing money, our aim is to profit from improvement not decline.

The pariti team

Pariti is a different kind of finance company. We're building a service to help fundamentally change the relationship people have with money and we have a passionate team driving this!

Matthew Ford

Founder & CEO

Peter Townsend

Development Lead

Caylee Farndon-Taylor

Product Designer